[ultimet_v0.2] – Added support for bind_tcp & bind_metsvc

What’s new:

– Anwar Mohamed “@anwarelmakrahy” Added support for metsvc_bind_tcp & bind_tcp… `git pull` if you’re interested in the source code, or just get the binaries from here.

… Thanks, Anwar!

– Now ultimet works as the following meterpreter payloads:

  • reverse_tcp
  • bind_tcp
  • reverse_http
  • reverse_https
  • bint_metsvc <- when stage included
  • reverse_metsvc <- when stage included

– Code got just messier … promise will consolidate  functions and make it tidy-er and smaller someday.

– I promise next version will have exciting “options” … coming soon, God willing … stay tuned 🙂


For intro. and information about what’s this all about, please go here

Compiling from source, usage examples & FAQ

To download ultimet, click here

Source code – github: https://github.com/SherifEldeeb/inmet



    • sherif

      Thanks! but … The WHOLE project is in C/C++ 🙂 we wrote `0` ruby code … ultimet is a compiled exe that works under windows, check the source code on github if you got time.

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