0xC0FF33 – 3rd Doha Infosec Community Gathering: New Anti-Cybercrime law of Qatar

Sherif Eldeeb 0xcoffee

During our third 0xcoffee gathering, we discussed the New Anti-Cybercrime law of Qatar, and why should we, as infosec folks, care.

The law is also available in the official MoJ site “Almeezan”: http://www.almeezan.qa/LawPage.aspx?id=6366&language=ar

Please find all the materials attached,

0xC0FFEE – What is it:

An informal get together, to have coffee & talk hackery.

“The coffee sessions will allow people to exchange ideas, and get to
know each other without any formality and without the shackles of
workplace regulation :>”

The talks and atmosphere is totally informal and is aimed
chiefly at all of us getting together / learning together.

So, if you are an infosec guy who lives in Qatar, sign up here to join the community and be informed about future gatherings .


New Anti-Cybercrime Law of Qatar 101 for infosec geeks




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