TinyMet v0.2 Released

TinyMet is a tiny “4.5 kilobytes” flexible meterpreter stager, which supports multiple meterpreter transports, setting LPORT and LHOST during runtime. What’s new in v0.2: Now tinymet can parse the Transport, LPORT and LHOST from its own filename through separating them by underscore Example: “0_evil.com_4444.exe” will use reverse_tcp, LHOST=evil.com, LPORT=4444 This makes tinymet more (double-click/payload-like/argument-less) friendly. … [Read more…]

0xC0FF33 – 3rd Doha Infosec Community Gathering: New Anti-Cybercrime law of Qatar

During our third 0xcoffee gathering, we discussed the New Anti-Cybercrime law of Qatar, and why should we, as infosec folks, care. The law is also available in the official MoJ site “Almeezan”: http://www.almeezan.qa/LawPage.aspx?id=6366&language=ar Please find all the materials attached, 0xC0FFEE – What is it: An informal get together, to have coffee & talk hackery. “The coffee sessions will … [Read more…]

UltiMet v0.3 – bug(s) fixed

UltiMet has not been working at all for a while because of updates in the framework itself … I managed to make it work again. Get the updated version from https://github.com/SherifEldeeb/inmet more about UltiMet here: http://eldeeb.net/wrdprs/?page_id=156  

COPP – simple batch script for live forensics and baseline creation

To detect something “abnormal” in your computer network, you need to first know how the “normal” looks like … sounds simple, right? do you have a list of the processes that “normally” runs on your computer? network connections? how about system drivers? no? where’s “explorer.exe” in your computer? c:\windows or c:\windows\system32? don’t know? didn’t think … [Read more…]